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March 2017


March 2017

  • I certainly enjoyed the end-to-end experience of the seminar and recommend attendance to my colleagues in the industry.

    Bank of Ireland

  • I enjoyed the friendly international atmosphere which made it easy to get in touch with other participants.

    Deutsche Bundesbank

  • We did enjoy and benefit from the conference and would like to thank you for organizing it. ​

    Seminar Sponsor

  • Good opportunity to meet with other ‘Central Bankers’ with similar functions and similar challenges. Good opportunity to know how things are doing in other countries, in order to bring new ideas.

    Bank of Portugal

  • The EMEA Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) was a good reason to step back from the projects we are doing internally on a daily basis, and enable us to take the time to think of new concepts/ideas being influenced by others modus operands, projects and surveys.


  • Thank you to everyone that made Lisbon such a success! Delegates from 90 organisations came together to discuss the many new ideas and issues which are facing our industry. We are happy to announce the next Europe Cash Cycle Seminar will take place March 2017 in Budapest, Hungary!

  • I found the seminar to be very useful, interesting and well organized.

    Central Bank of Israel

  • For us, the conference was absolutely perfect, especially due to the effort of you and your colleagues. Thank you!​

    Seminar Sponsor

  • The Seminar was organised very well – all presentations about Italian Cash Management were very good and provided excellent insight into how they manage it.

    Bank of Mozambique

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